Update 4/19/06:

The unveiling of Dan's headstone will be April 2nd at 1:00PM.

Furthermore the Goldsteins are setting up the Daniel Nathan Goldstein Foundation, a non profit charitable foundation. It will be a scholarship for dues and expenses for AEPi brothers who might not otherwise be able to join the fraternity, the foundation will support a fund in Daniel's memory at the Children's Hospital of King's Daughters in Norfolk.

Daniel Nathan Goldstein, 29, died April 24, 2005, in a tragic automobile accident. He will be missed by his family, friends and fraternity brothers.

You may wonder why "Blame Dan." After a rather juvenile college dispute escalated into rendering one of our house bathrooms unusable, one of our brothers posted a sign reading, "Blame Dan." While the incident was clearly not his fault, Dan took this motto as his own personal battle cry and regularly used it to lighten tense situations. It soon became a common phrase around the fraternity to explain random or uncontrollable events, always with undercurrents of pride and respect for Dan.

'blamedan has signed off IRC ("Leaving")'

'dan was also a really good programmer. when you wrote some code, compiled and ran the first time with no errors, fred & i called that "goldsteining it"'

'He was a really smart guy, one that never gave up on anything. I think he single handily drank a pallet of surge.'

'He was a great master. We all respected him, even though we sometimes tormented him.'

'He had a great sense of humor and always took stuff like "smear the master" well. :)'

'Looking back, I am still impressed how well he guided the house through some pretty rough times. He really had his shit together.'